Dance with Us

Join the DLD Dance Experience!

Thank you for your interest in dancing with us for one of our upcoming Flash Mobs! Please click here to sign up for the Flash Mob Dancers Group on Meetup in order to participate in one of our upcoming events! Additional information, video and locations will be given once you are a member up for the Meetup group!

Please Note: There is a $25 yearly membership fee to participate in the DLD sponsored Flash Mob Group. There are also fees if you choose to schedule private lessons or take additional classes in any way other than the free classes that are offered to participate in the event which would be soley your choice. We will never require that you take private lessons, participate in additional classes or even take a regular session of classes at DLD Dance Center. Essentially you are getting Dance Classes from our highly trained staff/choreographers for your membership fee and the opportunity to perform in as many flash mobs as your schedule permits. In addition you will never receive any monetary compensation for your participation in these events. Please feel free to see or Company and Instructor Bio Pages for more information on your choreographers!